NuVeda is bringing new perspective and leadership to Nevada dispensaries

About US

Our company was conceptualized by medical professionals with one goal: to be the industry leaders in the development and implementation of natural medicinal solutions. We believe in the advancement of natural and alternative medicine and belief in our society’s ability to transcend existing social barriers and evolve with ever increasing awareness and acceptance of medical cannabis. We aspire to serve as a global leader in the advancement of natural medicinal solutions.  Our promise to our community is that we will never sacrifice our honor or ethics, and we will never allow the integrity of our core values to be compromised.

Although the controversy surrounding our industry is abating, NCHF will remain diligent in ensuring our company operates ethically and with transparency.  Our business reflects our medical purpose and seamlessly integrates with the highly regimented government regulations and expectations. We strive to disassociate ourselves from the stereotypes of the past and change society’s perceptions about our industry and the professionals that are involved in it.

Our patient-centric medical focus will have three main goals:  to provide elite service to our patients, to innovate and to educate. Our continuous research and development by our scientific team is constantly evolving through plant science to develop specific strains of cannabis that can target each patient’s unique medical condition. We have partnered with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and Project CBD to continuously develop the proper pharmaceutical grade cannabis with specific properties to increase the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) while minimizing the psychoactive effects of THC. By working closely with the SCC and Project CBD, we will also implement a patient assessment program that can quantify the effects of our specific strains for measurable feedback in the research and development departments. Our second primary effort is to educate both medical professionals and patients in the ever-evolving implementation of medical cannabis. Our educational programs, by doctors, for doctors, will set the standard for professionalism and ethical responsibility in the prescription of medical cannabis, and identify the great potential of cannabis as a natural medicinal solution.

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